In 2016, members of Jennie's Nature Preserve voted unanimously to incorporate walking trails throughout portions of the preserve. The trails are intended to provide a glimpse into the beautiful habitats that are found just east of Lake Lida.


A walk along the .75 miles of trails that traverse JNP’s property offers a new perspective and often provides encounters with the area’s wildlife. Elevation remains fairly constant, with gently rolling hills and shallow valleys varying not much more than 100 feet.



The C. Arthur Fosse trails were built in 3 distinct phases:

1. Loop one can be accessed from the western edge of the preserve and meanders mostly east, allowing walkers/runners of the “loop” to avoid Maplehurst Drive and its sun and traffic altogether;
2. Trail two, the East leg, can be utilized to access the original foundation of Jennie’s cabin (see history). The dead-end trail takes you over a small creek and back to the easternmost point of the trails. Or take the branch to trail three;
3. Trail three utilizes part of trail two but loops to the north prior to crossing the creek, then turns west back to Maplehurst Drive.